Adventure Learning

National School of Business encourages students to broaden their knowledge base by partaking in different forms of experience-based learning.

Experiential learning is the process of learning from experience. It is learning through reflection on doing. Experiential learning is related to other forms of experience-based learning such as experiential education, action learning, adventure learning and cooperative learning. Though, some of these forms of learning have relation with each other, they also have differences among them. In business schools, internship and job shadowing opportunities are some examples of experiential learning.

In case of education through adventure learning, students are encouraged to participate in activities with perceived risks. This learning does not necessarily need to take place outdoors. At National School of Business, the focus is to encourage students to participate in trust building activities, problem solving activities and adventure activities such as rappelling, dry river crossing, rock climbing, water rafting etc. NSB focuses on different types of learning activities to broaden students knowledge base by encouraging them to take part in adventure education, shad-owing opportunities, problem-based learning etc.

I learnt to handle resources better


– Bhanu Gupta, Student at NSB

We were taken on an adventure trip to Savanadurga, near Bengaluru. The trip gave us the opportunity for real time learning with fun and enjoyment. We did activities such as rappelling, river rafting and dry river crossing during the day. We trekked through the forest in the night and learnt how to handle difficult situations and use resources optimally.

The program has made me fearless


– Charul Singh Sen, Student at NSB

The adventure program conducted by National School of Business has made me a different person. The program was conducted by professionals and the experience was amazing. It made me fearless and taught me meaningful lessons for life.