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Dual Certification

One of the few b-schools in India to offer MBA + PGPM certification.

Additional Certification Courses

Enhance your skills with courses like Six Sigma & TQM, CHRMP, CSMP, and FAC.

Exchange Program

NSB has collaborations and exchange programs with a number of foreign universities.

Global Mindset Trail

Study tours across the globe where students interact with foreign business and government officials.

International Faculty

Renowned international faculty teaching subjects like Marketing, Management, and Business Research.


Dedicated placement team that trains students for placements and organizes recruitments.


The importance of international exposure in MBA

The best b schools in the world value international experience and consider it as one of the most important factors in the selection process of MBA candidates. But what about the students in India? Most of the students here do not have any international experience prior to doing an MBA. This is why some business schools in India have started introducing international exchange programs and courses. However, most of the best business schools in India still do not have a global curriculum.

Due to globalization, it has become increasingly important for people to experience diverse cultures and interact with people from around the world. Exchange programs and study tours allow students to see how people work in different countries and how businesses operate. This enables students to broaden their horizons and gain different perspectives on how to approach an issue.

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Why is global experience valued by corporates?

Foreign, multinational, or companies with foreign interests will prefer graduates with some international exposure as opposed to candidates who have done a traditional MBA. In addition to this, graduates with knowledge of a foreign language will add value to the companies that operate in the respective regions.

Corporates look for candidates who are from the top 10 b schools in India for MBA, who fit seamlessly into the organizational culture and are able to handle clients anywhere in the world.

Companies who are also looking to expand to other countries feel the need for recruiting MBAs with global exposure as such students close the gap between cultural differences.

Students from NSB, which is one of the top b schools in Bangalore, Karnataka have been recruited by MNCs. These MNCs have appreciated the efforts taken by NSB to ensure that students have an international perspective.

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Advantages of global exposure in MBA

  • Understand and learn how to work in a multicultural environment.
  • Your career prospects will most likely increase if you have certifications and exchange program from one of the top business schools in Bangalore.
  • The NSB exchange program and global mindset trail will instill confidence, problem-solving and communication skills in you.
  • Going for an exchange program abroad gives you networking opportunities. You can meet students and professionals from other countries who can help you in your career.
  • Learning management concepts from the perspective of people of other cultures.

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National School of Business provided me the best opportunity in engaging myself in an Exchange Program at France, at the University of ESC- PAU, where I was exposed to an amazing French culture in my student life.

While studying, we could look forward to a wonderfully interactive environment that brought students across the globe.
My days there, certainly provided me a plethora of fun and adventure. I had so much to learn from such a diverse group of people.
This learning changed my lifestyle in entirety.
There was never ever a dull day in my college days. We had extremely good faculty and people around who would always keep us all active with a lot of learning experience.
This travel made me realize that, no matter how much I knew, there was always much more to learn.
In a nutshell, I can confidently say that my educational trip to France was useful to the core, to say the least.

With all the support and encouragement of the staff of NSB undoubtedly, the students can come out with a lot of confidence to face the today’s corporate world.

Ms. Kruthika R

Mail sent by Mr. Wesly Pranith (MBA – 2015-17 Batch) to Dr. Sridhara Murthy, President

Dear Sir,

How are you ?. I am fine and really doing well. I worked for 6 months in JARO Educations & I have got good exposure to sales. As my interest is to continue my career in IT- Sales, then I shifted to ENTUNE IT which is a SAP Partner company. I am really doing well in ENTUNE and it happened with the knowledge & competency skills that I have acquired from National School of Business.

Moreover the disciplinary standards that you have taught me is making me to grow personally as well as professionally. I am very sad to say that being a student of NSB, I couldn’t add any feather to the crown of NSB but I am proud to say that my NSB has crowned me with many precious things that made me to face this corporate world.

As a whole I thank NSB family in molding me to have a great career path. I seek your blessings so that I can continue to be an asset to my organization.

Mr. Wesly Pranith
What I would like to appreciate most about NSB is that it has a genuine goal to groom world-class entrepreneurs and managers. It is really a great experience teaching at NSB. The students are cordial and energetic. They have a high level of motivation and are eager to experiment and learn. Every session that I take here add great value to shaping the teacher in me. I look forward to continue my association with NSB.
Prof. Chandra Shekar B D,
Teaches taxation
I have worked closely with the management team and faculty of NSB since 2008. I am impressed by the vision and energy of Prof. S.R Sridharamurthy and the true meaning he gives to the word ‘education’ through the care provided to the NSB students. I can see good opportunities for NSB in the higher education sector, if the institute’s ability to forge deep and meaningful relationships with international partners materializes even further.
Prof. Stephen Platt, ESC-Pau,
International Professor. Specialized in Higher Education Management, Student Development, International Relations and Language Instruction.

Happy at my son’s turnaround at NSB

My son PVSS Satyananth was just out of his completing Engineering in the Mechanical stream in 2013, and his body language was clear that Engineering ( 58 % ) was not his calling . My grave ill health in 2012 seemed to have affected him in his pursuits. He requested, if he could try his hand in MBA . He seemed keen to make a final kill ,but we as parents were not keen that he do this course in Hyderabad, as I could not stand his laid back attitude and general disarry of doing things. A similar situation had arisen in his school days and I shifted him to a hostel based school for his 10th class (78%), just outside Hyderabad. He clicked by putting his head down to academics and later later performed well scoring 76 % in Intermediate. Though Satyananth had the inherent talent of grasp , he faltered at the decisive moment with his overconfidence. As such, he chose, net surfing – NSB as his mother and I were keen that he put his head down for one final burst of education for a gateway to the job market. My wife Satyavani, a teacher at Kendriya Vidyalaya was impressed of the National School of Business ideals, the day she went to join Satyananth on 15-08-13. I had told Satyananth that my recommendation was least expected and his academic testimonials should speak for themselves to the demands of the job market. His attitudinal change and his outlook have changed during his stay at National School of Business , as much as his discipline. We as parents are happy at his turnaround at NSB Bengaluru for he has known the true realm of the increasing demands of the CTC driven job market in the recession period and we thank the Faculty and Mr S.R. Sridharamurthy from the bottom of our heart for the care and correction they took.

Mr. P.V.Sivakumar,

I was impressed by the amount of knowledge possessed by each professor at National School of Business. I approached them only after receiving good feedback about the college from the people I knew. Looking back I think it was just the right choice made.

Mr. Arjun Mahajan,
(Uncle of Hershit Mahajan)
Software Professional – Philips
I stayed in Bangalore for a couple of days and found National School of Business different from others. Its faculty members are sincere and devoted to their task. I met Prof. S.R Sridharamurthy, Principal Director, and found him to be a transparent person.
Dr. Ishwarchandra Ramchandra Karkare,
(Father of Nilesh)
Head, Dept. of Pathology & Microbiology, ESI Hospital, Gwalior and claimed singer

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