NSB bags Students’ Choice Awards 2017

It is a matter of great pride for a college when it is recognised for its work nationwide, especially for the knowledge it has been imparting on its students and how it will help shape their career and overall personality. is the country's largest education platform used by over 4 million students and 5000 [...]

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Placement programme for a guaranteed career in Management

The MBA program you choose should share your career goals. It should feed your passion. The B-school you choose should open doorways to the path of realising your goals. It should prepare you to cope with the demands of your career. Placement cell is vital to any management school. It shows that the institute [...]

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Adventure Learning – To Experience Is To Learn

It is often said that life is the best teacher. When contemplated on the thought, it will make you realise that life really is the best teacher because life teaches you through experience. And since one has lived through the experience, the lesson often tends to stay with him/her for the rest of their [...]

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Global Mindset Trail – to cultivate Global Mindset among MBA students

With the advent of globalisation of business and global operations there is a huge scope for MBA students who are trained to have a global mindset. Companies today are on a hunt for new talent with a diverse mix of skills, perspectives and experiences. Hence, today’s managerial talent needs a global mindset. Global mindset [...]

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The benefits of Student Exchange Programme at NSB

Student exchange is one of the most important programmes offered by most B-schools across the globe. This programme enables students to study abroad with an allied university and cultivate a global mindset. It gives you an opportunity to broaden your knowledge base and learn in a multicultural environment. Being an exchange student is a rewarding [...]

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