DISHA-Entrepreneurship Cell

Grooming Entrepreneurs

National school of Business believes in India’s entrepreneurial and start-up potential and extends its support to you for your entrepreneurial ventures.

The School’s Entrepreneurship Cell “DISHA” aims to help in the development of India’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by enabling easy and efficient interaction among its major components spanning students, working professionals, aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, mentors, angel investors, venture capital firms and corporate houses through initiatives such as interactive sessions, conferences, etc. The cell nurtures and nourishes entrepreneurship ideas in you. The faculty members help you in identifying market opportunities, screening ideas and developing viable business models. They also bring you in contact with venture capitalists and help you in seeking venture capital funding.

The entrepreneurship cell is run completely by students under the strict vigilance of a team of faculty that has been exclusively trained for the purpose by National Entrepreneurship Network.


Rolls on Wheels

Dr. Yadunandan, an alumnus of National School of Business, started Rolls on Wheels, a fast food eatery in 2012. It currently has 8 outlets and is doing a handsome business of Rs. 24 million annually.

Yadunandan has an automated centralized kitchen which caters to all the 8 outlets. He employs over 35 people and believes that ‘taste, quality, hygiene and quick service’ are the key ingredients of his success. The average time of service is just 2 minutes.

His vision is to be a pioneer in the quick service restaurant model. He intends to automate the entire production process and establish a strong cold chain network to enhance the shelf life and freshness of the products.

PUSH – Packaged Tender Coconut Water

Safwan MM, an alumnus of National School of Business, established Global Associates to market bottled coconut water. His state-of-the-art production plant in Manjeshwar, Kerala, processes and packages tender coconut water in PP bottles. The products are marketed in India and abroad.

Saftwan believes that bottled tender coconut water has immense potential as a natural energy and sports drink. His company focuses on quality and hygiene, and has a processing technology, which helps tender coconut water stay fresh and protected from the destabilizing effects of light and oxygen for 9-12 months. The product also keeps its natural taste and nutritional values intact.