Eklavya-The Sports Club

For a Fit Body and an Agile Mind

Sports activities keep the body fit and mind agile. National School of Business offers facilities for indoor and outdoor sports such as chess, carom, cricket, football, basketball etc. It regularly organizes sports tournaments to build competitive spirit among the students.

The Disciple with a NEVER SAY DIE attitude

EKALAVYYA is the sports club of National School of Business. It was officially inaugurated on 14th September 2012. The club’s vision is to inculcate the spirit of sportsmanship among the students and make National School of Business, a school committed to nurture and showcase the sports talents of its students all over India.


Ekalavya was the disciple of Guru Dronacharya with a ‘never say die’ attitude, unshakeable confidence and uncompromising devotion. The name aptly echoes the spirit of our sports club.

The logo has the visual of wings of Eagle. Eagle is considered as one of the most powerful birds. The wings suggest crossing boundaries and the hunger to achieve more. The shield at the centre depicts winning attitude and icons in the shield at the centre depict all track and field events. The blue colour of the wings signifies ‘sky is the limit’, the orange colour signifies ‘high on energy’, and ‘vigour’, and the red colour of the font signifies radiance.


EKALAVYA every year organises the annual sports day meet with events such as cricket, volley ball, track events, throw ball & badminton for girls etc. The prize distribution ceremony will be held on NSB Annual Day in the presence of our International institutional partners.

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