The Exchange Program

Exchange opportunities with foreign universities are built into our MBA program. They give you an opportunity to broaden your knowledge base and learn in a multicultural environment.

National School of Business has signed an agreement with ESC-Pau, France, and University of Deusto, Spain, to facilitate student and faculty exchange programs. As of now, more than 400 students and many professors from India have taken advantage of these exchange programs.

The exchange agreement allows the students of National School of Business to study one full semester load of courses WITHOUT PAYING ANY ADDITIONAL TUTION FEES.

Courses taught by International professors at NSB

  • Prof. Ian Hipkins – Foundations of Management
  • Prof. Marie Helene – Marketing Management
  • Prof. Stephen Platt – French Culture & Language
  • Prof. Dominique Bouet – Business Research Projects

Courses taught by NSB Professors at ESC Pau/Deusto, Spain & St. Mary’s University, Bangkok

  • Prof. S.R. Sridharamurthy – Global Marketing (ESC Pau, France) Doing Business in Asia (Spain) and Global Marketing (Bangkok)
  • Prof. K V Raghavaiah – Strategic Role of HR (France)

Exchange Program – France

More than 100 students from France have taken part in the exchange program conducted at NSB.

A godsend opportunity

NSB_MBA_ Jashanpreet Kaur

– Jashanpreet Kaur, Exchange Program Student

The exchange program was a godsend opportunity to explore myself at the international level. Students from India and across the globe participated in International Exchange Program. Professors from around the world came to teach the students in this unique program. It was an amazing experience to be there and get a deep firsthand experience of different cultures. In the six months that I spent there, I got the opportunity to watch the student and business life more closely. I am really proud to be a student of National School of Business.

Exchange Program – Spain

More than 25 students from Spain have taken part in the exchange program conducted at NSB.

Best experience of my life


– Patricia, Exchange Student at NSB

It has been the best experience of my life so far. This country is unique and very special. I am happy to have come to this county and to NSB. Thanks for everything.