Hearty Congratulations to the 2017-19 Batch students who represented National School of Business at the SIT Inter College Fest at Tumkur.

Raunak, Lekha, Beena, Shalini, Akhila who represented in the Best Manager- Teams comprising of Sachin and Alam, Bharat and Sahiti, Ayushi and Vinay, Chethan and Rachana, Nirmiti and Vrushal, Rajvardhan and Nagabaji in the Marketing event, Supritha and Susmita in the Finance event – Austin and Vagdevi, Sneha and Kusuma, Dinesh and Kattavikram in the Business Quiz event and Sahiti, Supritha in the Solo dance have made us proud by responsibly representing NSB and performing excellently in their respective events.

Hearty Congratulations once again.