One of the criteria by which an academic institution’s performance offering professional programs is measured is the quantum of placements for students graduating out of the program. We at NSB have exciting placements every year.

Our students at NSB are highly competitive and undergo a highly structured placement process. We have an enviable record of students getting placed in the best of industries.

During the 1st semester of the program itself, through a competency-based skills assessment, NSB identifies the areas in which the students need improvement. Students are then encouraged to take measures to improve in those areas.

Enhancement of communication skills and presentation skills ensures that our management students are ready for placements by the time they conclude their academic schedules.

NSB conducts pre-placement workshops to ensure that the actual process of campus placements becomes easier for our students.

During the pre-placement programs,  development of personality, academic progress and practical learning are the areas on which focus is ensured.

Besides training students for placements, NSB also has a dedicated team which is responsible for planning and arranging for the campus interviews. Over the last couple of years, NSB has been able to establish long-term relationships with many organizations which actively participate in our campus drives every year.

We believe in shaping the careers of our students with our highly competent team from the placement wing. Testimonies of our students regarding placements already achieved speak volumes of the effort and success of our placements division. These successes can clearly be ascribed to the thoroughness and meticulousness that go into designing the placement programs for students, and to help them mould their knowledge, skills and abilities in alignment with the industry standards and expectations

A dedicated Corporate Relation Cell (CRC) takes part in the placement activity, along with the students and faculty. CRC strives to fulfil the objectives that include training and campus placements, Guest Lectures Series, Industry and corporate tours, as well as International Business research projects, Internship, personality development and career development programs.

Our relationship with many corporate companies helps us ensure that our students are offered ample opportunities to take up internships. Students from various disciplines get a chance to experience the business functions of a company firsthand.

Most of our NSB students get placed during campus selections which commence during the month of February of every year and continue until April.  We also provide inputs and guidance to the students in choosing the right company and industry that suits their career aspirations.