Many B-Schools just ensure that the management program, for which the student has enrolled for, is taught as per the syllabus of the university they are affiliated with. However, today’s business scenario demands that students equip themselves with a host of additional certifications and diplomas so that their employability is enhanced.

NSB offers three Professional Certification Programs that make a huge difference lends an edge to the student’s CV in the job market.

Certification programs offered by NSB help you acquire and enhance your knowledge which can be directly applied in the industry that you associate with, during the course of your career.

Professional certifications are a way to add more credibility to your suitability for a particular functional area and hence help to add momentum when you plan to launch your career.

At NSB the professional courses offered are

  • Human Resources Management – Certified Human Resource Management Professional (CHRMP)
  • Marketing – Certified Sales and Marketing Professional (CSMP)
  • Finance – Certificate in Financial Analysis (FAC)

HR management, Marketing and Finance are equally important and have demand in many companies and is never void.

If you intend to build your career in the field of human resources, you need to acquire deeper knowledge regarding the acquisition, development, and management of human resources. You will be able to do so by opting for the Certified Human Resource Management Professional program.

If you intend to launch your career in the financial areas, then an additional qualification like the Certificate in Financial Analysis can help you differentiate yourself from the thousands of other finance graduates in the country.

If you are keen to become a successful marketing professional, then you need to opt for the Certified Sales and Marketing Professional, which will help you acquire not only the knowledge but also the skills and abilities needed to boost your career opportunities.

Taking up these courses while at NSB will potentially help you enhance your career opportunities and stand apart from the crowd. Certification courses done from NSB will make our student highly competent for the achievement of skill development and knowledge.

Employers are always on a constant search for talented professionals, to work for their companies. This is the reason why earning that extra certification to develop your skill is very important.

To sign up for the Professional certification program, speak to one of our academic counsellors.