Your PLACEMENT PLANNING begins from day one.

Success comes to those who prepare well and put in effort. For us, placement is not an activity that begins in the third semester. We have a comprehensive plan in place and our pre-placement training takes place concurrently with the course. Our placement preparation includes sharpening your communication, presentation, aptitude and attitudinal skills. We will also train you in group discussions, mock interviews, and interview FAQs. We ensure that, when the opportunity knocks on your door, you will be in a position to grab it with both hands.

Why career planning is something we don’t leave for the final week

The MBA program you choose should share your career goals. Our mandate at National School of Business has never been just to prepare you for your first post- MBA job and be done with it. Rather, we want to give you the tools to create and navigate opportunities successfully throughout your career. Our Corporate Relations Cell (CRC) is looked upon with high regards across the globe by our prestigious recruiting partners, and they’re involved from the very beginning. In fact, your early career path exploration starts during the admission process, when our CRC team participates in your application assessment.

Pre-placement training and career coaching is built right into the curriculum. Class time is devoted to the skills required to build a solid Résumé, prepare for rigorous interviews, find hidden career opportunities, network effectively and plan your career strategy. We don’t hand out jobs. Instead we provide access to exceptional coaching and knowledge you can use to launch and accelerate your career path. The NSB MBA opens doors to an unlimited range of challenging leadership opportunities. The CRC coaching gives you the insight and career savvy you need to fully capitalize on them.

Other MBA programs ask you to sit back and be taught. At National School of Business, you lean forward and actively learn. You will be among some of the most interesting and talented people you will encounter in your life; we believe your MBA should make the most of that.