Programs-Triple Advantage (MBA + PGPM + Additional Certifications)

All students complete both MBA and PGPM programs simultaneously (leading to Dual Certification) along with Additional Certification Courses

Advantages of DUAL Certification
  • While an MBA degree certificate from a UGC recognized university allows you to either pursue higher education (including doctoral studies) or take up jobs in public sector, the industry endorsed, autonomous PGPM Certificate from National School of Business results in higher employability. These course are identified and delivered in association with recognized industry bodies.
  • On the other hand, the industry endorsed, autonomous PGPM Certificate from National School of Business results in higher employability. These courses are identified and delivered in association with recognized industry bodies.


Specializations offered:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources Management



  • Advanced Excel
  • Foreign Language
  • E-commerce
  • Business Analytics
  • Six Sigma & TQM
  • Personality Development Program (PDP)

Professional Certification Courses

    • Professional Certification Courses will be conducted in Human Resource Management, Marketing and Finance specializations.

Program Structure




Additional Certifications

SEMESTER 1 Foundation
Management Concepts & Theories

Organizational Behavior

Business Environment

Managerial Communication

Managerial Accounting

Managerial Economics

Statistics for Management

Business News Analysis

Case Study Methodology

Business of Business

Personality Development

Advanced Excel

Foreign Language

SEMESTER 2 Core Courses
Marketing Management

Human Resource Management

Corporate Finance

Business Research Methods

Operations Research

Operations Management

Management Information Systems

Global Mindset Trail

Business News Analysis

Concept Review


Six Sigma & TQM

Summer Internship

Hands-on experience opportunities in world-class companies help students develop fair understanding of organizational structure, process, Business Analysis, and Reporting skills.


Specialization courses: In Marketing, Finance, HRM Specialization Courses in Retail and Supply Chain Management

Pre Placement Training

Concept Review

Business Analytics


Specialization courses: In Marketing, Finance, HRM Specialization Courses In Retail and Supply Chain Management


Human Resources Management – Certified Human Resource Management Professional (CHRMP)

Marketing – Certified Sales and Marketing Professional (CSMP)

Finance – Certificate in Financial Analysis (FAC)

List of Specialization Courses

Marketing Management Financial Management Human Resource Management
Project Management Project Management Project Management
Strategic Management Strategic Management Strategic Management
Consumer Behavior and Marketing Research Advanced Capital Budgeting Human Resource Development
Sales and Logistics Management Advanced Capital Structure Theories Organizational Change and Development
Advertising and Sales Promotion Management Portfolio Management Training and Development
Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship
Product & Brand Management Financial Strategies Strategic Human Resource Management
Business Marketing Management Derivatives Labor Legislations
International Marketing International Financial Management Industrial Relations & Collective bargaining
Services Marketing Corporate Taxation Knowledge Management

Know more about – Additional Certification Courses

‘One size does not fit all’ is the popular saying. Accordingly, at NSB, we believe that the range of teaching methods we offer is best suited to the range of challenges that you’ll encounter throughout your career. Here, you will participate in case studies, theoretical overviews, discussions, simulations, problem-solving sessions, role-plays, and team projects. In tomorrow’s organizations, no single approach will successfully meet all challenges. With your NSB education, however, you will have the breadth and depth of management preparation to meet the challenges ahead. NSB leverages multiple educational approaches when creating a curriculum to optimize your learning experience.

Multiple teaching methods


Case Study

Theory must be supported with practical application. Our faculty members bring knowledge of real-world business issues to the classroom. Many executive speakers demonstrate real challenges and solutions, which enable students to acquire practical tools for business situations.

Learning through activity

We strongly believe in learning by doing. Because of our small size, the School can bring intimate, participatory learning experiences to all students. Throughout your two years of study you will see an emphasis on experiential learning with hands-on simulations, role-playing, and other exercises that actively engage you in the learning process.

Corporate lecture series

They provide insight into real-world corporate issues and help students to understand nitty-gritty of business world. Many corporate executives visit NSB every year and bring their invaluable experience into classroom.

Study groups

Study groups enrich and diversify discussions and projects by bringing together a wide range of perspectives, interests, and business skills. Study groups also function as an important collaborative vehicle, enabling you to build on each others’ strengths in analyzing and solving business issues.

Program Outcomes

The student who completes the program is expected to acquire abilities to:

  • Take strategic view of each situation
  • Recognise the organisation process that lead to shared vision and motivation
  • Identify the different kind of knowledge and design and lead innovation strategies
  • See the organisational network as the unit of production process
  • Prioritize and manage the tasks
  • Establish social infrastructure in association with customers, competitors, suppliers distributors and teams
  • Lead change in organisation
  • Adapt new context,tasks,process,technologies and sources of information
  • Communicate effectively in multicultural world