Surabhi-The Cultural Club

“What sets worlds in motion is the interplay of differences, their attractions and repulsions. Life is plurality, death is uniformity. By suppressing differences and peculiarities, by eliminating different civilizations and cultures, progress weakens life and favors death. The ideal of a single civilization for everyone, implicit in the cult of progress and technique, impoverishes and mutilates us. Every view of the world that becomes extinct, every culture that disappears, diminishes a possibility of life”- Octavio Paz

A melting pot of cultures

Students from different cultural and geographical backgrounds study with us. They assimilate into a cohesive whole on our campus and thus foster humanistic values.

Cultural Diversity

Life need not revolve around only academics and career. Every student is gifted with some talent and they nourish and nurture their talent for their all round development and to make their life meaningful. National School of Business, by regularly conducting various cultural and literary competitions, and by encouraging its students to represent the school at inter-collegiate, inter-university and inter-state level cultural competitions, provides a huge support to the students to pursue cultural activities.

Festivals – A celebration of life

At National School of Business, all festivals are celebrated with equal fanfare and gaiety. The management encourages students to celebrate important festivals to promote cultural awareness, harmony and bonding among the students. Our students hail from different parts of the country and the world and this adds more variety and charm to the festivals celebrated at the school.


Cultural values are essential for every citizen. It helps in preserving and reviving a nation’s heritage and traditions. Our cultural club aims to rekindle cultural pride among NSB students and update you with the knowledge of Indian and world cultural heritage.

The club organizes various cultural activities as per academic calendar to inculcate a sense of belongingness, team work, coordination & amiability. The club wants to be a symbol of ‘unity in diversity’ and is open to every member of NSB community.

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